Not The End

The time for the first semester is coming to a close. There isn’t a lot of time left to finish what my partners and I have started on our project, so all of us will have to continue in the Spring to fully finish our project. That way, the weather will be nice and warm for the Rally. Both of my other partners have met the administrators of our school for the purpose of discussing the dates for the rally and also talking about fund raisers for the rally before the actual rally takes place. Our representative at Invisible Children in California’s volunteer period has ended, and she has left us a new representative who can help us along the way.


Progression Thus Far

Recently, I have researched information on becoming a tennis coach if I were to pursue that as a career in the future. This has helped me debate on whether this would be a good career option for me in the future. This research could help others who share the same passion that I have. With all the information that I gathered and put together, others who love tennis like I do could learn about being a tennis coach. People could benefit by learning what tennis coaches do, and how much education that the career requires.

I have been working on 20 Time a lot lately. Our representative out in California called me last week, to inform me that we had someone donate $15 dollars to our page, which is amazing! Our representative also told us that we should start the penny wars, and my partners are working on that right now. My partners recently met with some administration at my school to discuss the penny wars. We were granted permission and have to stay after school to count the money, and someone has to go on our school announcements to announce the penny wars. My partners volunteered me, as I am the most social in our group. Over the final days, we will be raising as much money as possible on our own and for our penny wars to generate a big check for Invisible Children.


There are several opportunities to advance with in tennis if that is one’s passion. The best career if your passion is tennis would definitely be becoming a tennis pro. However, that status is very hard to obtain. So, one can still be good at tennis and experience playing with others who are one’s level by playing on a team in college. Also, after college, one could become a coach to teach others about tennis. One can consider many options in tennis. I also didn’t like that the career options were limited.

Pitch Day Wrap-Up

The most valuable lesson that I have learned in 20 Time has been that you can make a difference, even if you believe that what you want to do isn’t that great. If you want to help people with your passion, others will think it is amazing and appreciate it beyond what you could have ever thought. If you really believe that you can help people doing what you love, there is really nothing that can hold you back. People are open and encourage helping others, so if you truly want to help other people with your passion, it can and will make a difference.
This lesson has helped me through the completion of the project because I know what the end result will be. The end result will be that people will benefit from my talent, so if I can do what I love and help people at the same time, it is good. This will help complete the project by knowing what I’m doing all my hard work for.
This experience of 20 Time has helped me and will help me in other classes by having past experiences with working cooperatively with others, and working with people in the real world. In the rest of my high school experience, I expect to use those materials a lot. Also, writing formally for this project has given me great skills that I can better use in the future for classes, and later in life.


Pitch Day

Pitch day was last Friday, November 1st. I believe that I was the least nervous one in my group. It was a little scary having people come in and judge our project, but we all had put effort into it and I think we all made a silent agreement that we would do fine. We has many people come over and ask us about our project. We even got some individuals to put down their emails so we could send them the link to donate on our fundraising page. I think that we got the hang of presenting after actually presenting a couple times. What we wanted to stay started to flow smoothly, and we didn’t stutter as much (due to nervousness). I think that my team and I learned the most important things to say and what was unimportant and unentertaining to our audience. I believe that the people whom we presented to really enjoyed our project, and were interested in helping. Overall, I think that our pitch day project went very well, and was a big success. I also think that we got some really good feedback from our audience as well.


The Rally Has Begun

So far in Rally for Invisible Children, we have gotten a lot accomplished. However, there are still some things that need to be completed as well. This process of knowing who contacts who and who needs to complete what was very chaotic and confusing at first. No one really knew the standards. But as the week wore on, we now are working smoothly. Together, we have each contacted an authority figure that will help us with our progress.
My authority figure that I chose to contact was the actual organization that we are raising money for, Invisible Children. At first I thought I wasn’t going to get a response, which was a concern, but this past Wednesday I got a response from a worker in the Invisible Children office in California. Good things come to those who wait, because the response that we got held fantastic news. We officially have a representative in the office that is going to help us the whole way through the Fall on our rally. Our representative suggested that we could make this bigger and raise more money and awareness. The representative suggested that we get donations even before the fundraiser of playing tennis, just to get the ball rolling. She also gave me a series is steps to take to be successful. We also have our fundraising page-linked directly to Invisible Children-up and running! (Courtesy of yours truly). Now people can donate for our sake directly into Invisible Children.
These crucial steps in our project has helped us propel forward in progress, and motivate us even more to make our project a huge success. By getting past this point, our ideas now have been written down. We are keeping better track of our progress and what needs to be done. By becoming more organized, our project will run even smoother. Also, now that we have more information to play with and to use efficiently, we can better arrange our project to go the way we want.


Contacting the Authority

I recently contacted my authority figure for our project. We each have taken on an authority to help ensure the success of our project. I chose to contact the organization that we hope to donate our profits to, which is Invisible Children. I reached out to Invisible Children by emailing them through the email that they have posted on their website. When I contacted the email address, I said several things in my email. I explained who I was, what the purpose of the email was, and what the project was. I also went on to talk about how the project would work, that we would like to donate to their organization, and the outcome we hope to achieve. I did not have to leave a message, however, I may want to call Invisible Children to talk to someone if our project is allowed to donate money to their organization to plan out finer details.
So far, I have not encountered any issues. My email has not yet been returned, but I’m allowing them a reasonable amount of time to reply, should they need it. I do not hope to run into any problems, and my partners also hope that we can accomplish this smoothly. If any issues arise when they reply to my email, I will be sure to address them. This part of the assignment I believe was critical, because my partners and I need approval to donate to their organization. I have learned some things from this part of the assignment. The first thing that I learned was that you must be professional when addressing a company, no immature words should be used. Another thing that I learned from this part of the assignment was that this is a process and we may run into some bumps in the road, but we have to work to get over them.
I hope that the Invisible Children will reply to my email and then we can officially get our project up and running. Next, I hope to smooth out the wrinkles in our plan by asking Invisible Children some questions, and asking for some advice. At the moment, I am grateful that I do not need to problem solve. I am not sure, however, if my partners have run into any problems yet or not. If they have, I will help them and try to sort it out.
(Below is part of my email that I sent to the Invisible Children).